Staffing Systems Improvement and Consolidation 101


Awards not given out to IT Leaders

🏆  Most Employee User/Password Logins Required

🎖️  Most Vendors Managed Award

📉  Largest Cost Overrun – ERP/Payroll Category

Your company has too many systems.

More systems, more logins for your staff, more users to manage, more vulnerabilities, more integration projects, more interfaces to learn, more moving parts to break, more upgrades, more vendors to manage, more bills to pay.

A staffing company is going to have at least two core systems at either end of the process:

  • Recruiting and Sales
  • General Ledger/Financial Reporting

There isn’t a system in the market that is an Applicant Tracking System and a fully featured General Ledger with Financials. You are also going to need some sort of productivity suite such as Microsoft Office or the Google Suite of products.

The company just starts to get the IT Systems under control then… BOOM… another acquisition before you had a chance to finish integrations from the last one. The graphic below shows front office and back office systems being merged together into Bullhorn One and Acumatica.  Your organization may choose a different front office solution such as TargetRecruit or a custom Salesforce or Dynamics 365/CRM application.  You may also choose to merge some of your systems, but possibly have a requirement to keep a specialized payroll or onboarding system separate.  Najaxa frequently encounters companies with multiple ERP/Payroll systems such as two different QuickBooks installs, plus a Sage system and two different payrolls.  One of our customers was operating seven different Applicant Tracking Systems, so we have seen it all!  We can help you build out a plan to consolidate systems where it makes sense and in a manageable order.

Being an IT leader is enough of a challenge when you get to pick your own systems and handle problems of your own making.  Managing and consolidating systems as part of an acquisition can be more like remodeling a very old house – full of surprises.  Usually, more lead paint type surprises than Antique Roadshow finds. 

There are many challenges to this type of project: 

  1. The people challenges are the largest.  Change management and having a clear path for your users is critical. 
  2. Bringing over open (unpaid) financial transactions as well as current-year payroll history so your pay calculations are accurate while maintaining system continuity.
  3. Securely maintaining historical data for reporting and easy inquiry for your team.
  4. Managing licensing and timing of contract renewals.
  5. Ensuring that systems are migrated and consolidated in a manageable manner.  It is important to plan entirely through the process and order of which applications will be affected. 
  6. Consolidating with strategic objectives in mind.  You just acquired a business with two main lines of business and only one fits your long term strategy.  There is a second business unit which you want to include in your operations, but keep segmented for a possible future sale of that operation. 

Contact Najaxa to set up a session to discuss your systems and goals.  We can also set up a parallel test drive of Acumatica U.S. Payroll so you can be sure it is a good fit for your business. 

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