Create the Best Staffing Company.

Listen. Plan. Execute. Deliver.

Since its inception, Najaxa has helped staffing companies to get back on track and allow their team the focus needed to take their business to the next level.  We have stepped into some of the roughest situations and brought companies to a point of stability and beyond. Your situation will be no different.  We have seen the worst and will get you to the top. 

Najaxa Software

The last Staffing Technology Team you will need!

Technology Advisory

Assisting with system selection and optimization

Mergers and Aquisitions

Helping you onboard newly acquired businesses into your technology stack.


Integrating your ATS, ERP, Payroll, and other systems


Bringing multiple ERP or Payroll systems together into a single platform or consolidating data from multiple systems.


Najaxa has created accurate PowerBI Analytics solutions for making business decisions. The day has arrived for you to have a reporting solution you can run your business with


Making migrations painless through detailed discovery and management of the complete process.

Technology Advisory and Guidance

100+ Years Collective Technology Experience.

Making technology decisions can be simple, you need the right team.   You may go years between large decisions.  Najaxa helps our customers to cut through the fog and find the perfect solution for the path your company is on.  

Go into your roadmap planning with Najaxa so that you buy your solutions right the first time, not twice.  

Data Integrations and Software Development

Data is everywhere.  Najaxa sees this as an advantage. The Data Team at Najaxa has the solution to bring all of your data together from multiple systems.  Be confident that there will be less double entry, reduced headcount requirements and sanity knowing you have a source of truth.

Bring together data from:

Data Analytics & Reporting

Imagine having a data solution that you trust, that you can make decisions with and your team thanks you for.  Najaxa builds these solutions. Data accuracy is at the core of our Analytics and Reporting Solutions. Without solid data we have nothing.  

Managed Services

Staffing technology is ever changing.  Have a team close to you that knows your business and can bring you to the next level.  Our team will span the natural attrition that your company will face.  Najaxa will always be here to document, train and bring new teams up to speed. 

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