Let us take care of your SQL Environment.

SQL Server Health Check

Data is the life of your business.
It's time to treat it that way!

SQL Talent on your Side

A trusted SQL DBA Services Team that listens and creates the best Strategy for your SQL SQL Environment.

Data Resiliency

Whether from natural occurence or someone tripping on a cord, we make sure your SQL Servers stay online and secure!

SQL Working as Designed

Your business runs 24X7, right? We'll make sure your SQL Servers are up to that challenge.

Support When you need it

There will be no question or concern with getting a hold of the Najaxa DBA Services team when you need us. We will be there when you need us and working on systems when you least expect.

Adapt with You

We work with customers that are single SQL Servers all the way to the largest corporations. We are ready for the challenge. Our SQL DBA Framework adapts to companies of all sizes.

Support you Expect

Know whomever you talk with will help you fix the issue at hand and put a proactive plan in place.

Najaxa Software

Who are we?

Na (Nate) Ja (Jamie) Xa (Xander)

Jamie Evenson founded Najaxa Software in 2018, with a Primary focus of the Staffing Industry and ERP systems.  Nate, after spending 15 years at Microsoft in the SQL Server realm, decided in 2021 it was time to start the Data Practice @ Najaxa. Our Data practice focuses on SQL Server, in any industry.  No two SQL Server environments are the same, even in the same industry, but there are patterns. 

Fast forward to now, When it comes to SQL Server Support, the team at Najaxa Software is the best.  We are made up of Ex-Microsoft talent that has lived every scenario in the SQL world. The whole team at Najaxa grew up in Support and Services, taking care of customers like yourself.   

Whether we are maintaining the highest transaction SQL Databases on the planet or taking care of a small, single SQL Server environment, everyone get’s the same, amazing experience. 

Be ready for our team to come in and make your SQL Environments the best, day one!

Najaxa DBA Services

Core Services


Cloud Services


Najaxa SQL DBA Services. Goodbye Data Worries!


We will spend time with your team up front to determine if your company is a fit and how we can best serve you. All your questions will be answered before moving ahead.


The strategy we put together will cover all aspects of your SQL Server Support needs. We will define clear actions to relieve any worry you have.


Once we onboard you as a customer, be ready for improvement. Najaxa will take the reigns of your SQL Environments and bring them to levels that will leave your team smiling.


Never worry about SQL Again. Step back, and work on the problems you haven't been able to focus on. Know your SQL Server Environments are handled and there are no worries.

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Najaxa SQL DBA as a Service FAQ

Is Najaxa U.S. based?

Our engineers are 100% US based.  We have no off shore employees.  Najaxa is a US company with US employees, and will stay this way. 

How long does onboarding take?

Our onboarding process is in depth and efficient.  Depending on the number of SQL Servers, it normally takes a few days to a week to get a Customer Onboarded to our Monitoring and Alerting systems and start digging in. 

What types are services are covered by DBA as a Service?

If it’s related to SQL Server, it’s something we can include in the agreement.  Here are some examples of tasks we take on for our customers:  Monitoring, Alerting, SQL Maintenance, Patching, Performance Tuning, Upgrades, Implementing Best Practices and much more. 

Do you do SQL Health Checks as part of your service?

Yes, one of the first tasks that we will undertake in your environment is a SQL Health Check.  This will assure we understand what state your environment are in and we have a baseline to work from.  

What if we want to do services outside the scope of the DBA as a Service agreement?

This is common.  Once we start working with our customers they start enjoying our style of business.  We are always open to taking on other projects with your company.  We start every project with a discovery and making certain we are the best fit. If things look good, we come to agreement on a Statement of Work and move forward with the project. 

Do you ever need to be onsite?

It is rare that we would need to be onsite to help with your SQL Environments.  We do like to visit our customers though.  If it is something you would like to have we can certainly arrange an onsite visit with  your team. 

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