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High Availability

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Avoid Database Downtime!

SQL Server environments are known to have intermittent Hardware, Performance or (most often) Human Errors that can cause downtime.  SQL Server High Availability technologies help to mitigate the risks of extended downtime.  If someone “trips on the power cord” of your SQL Environment today, what would happen?  Would this cost your business? Are you running on a Stand Alone SQL Server, and hoping for good luck?  

Leverage SQL Technology to achieve
High Availability!

Our team can help you build a strategy!

SQL Server Health Check

SQL Server HA - Design and Implementation

We know that taking on a SQL Server High Availability project is nerve racking.  This is why we have developed a framework to minimize the complexity and stress this will cause for your team. We will take the time to architect, discuss and implement a solution that will allow your team to feel confident in your database strategy.  

What does this Strategy look like?

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