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Is your SQL Environment a Risk?

SQL Server Environments are RARELY set up for Best Practice.  Do you know, FOR CERTAIN, that your SQL Server Environment is clear of large risks that could cost you downtime, potentially the loss of your business?  It’s time for a SQL Server Health Assessment!

There are 200+ more rules to check!

How do we solve this?

Najaxa has developed an automated, 200+ rule set of best practices to uncover configuration and performance issues.  Whether you are a small business that needs reassurance or a large corporation that needs a second set of eyes, the Automated Toolset we have developed will provide the Solution.

Top Issues we discover

.....AND 200+ more Rules!

Why Najaxa?

Many companies perform SQL Server Health Assessments.  There are zero companies that take the strategy and approach to Customer Satisfaction that Najaxa Software is known for.  Everyone in this company grew up in the Customer Service World, we know what it means to be in your shoes.  We do not sleep unless we are providing value for our customers.  

What can you expect from this SQL Health Assessment?

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We deliver Value!

With our 200+ rule SQL Health Assessment, attention to detail and obsession with delivering value to our customers, we have taken everything from the most complex environments to basic Stand Alone SQL Servers to a State of Best Practice.

What does this solution look for?

.....AND 200+ more Rules!

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