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Microsoft SQL Services

SQL Server Health Assessment

Have you had your database environment reviewed for best practices? Is your environment secure and setup to the highest standards? Let us run a 200+ Rule Check on your environment to make sure everything is ready to go!

SQL Server Performance Assessment

Performance review and analysis can be a difficult undertaking in complex SQL Server Environments. We have developed specific processes over the years to stream line the discovery and remediation of SQL performance issues.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Is there ever a moment when it's acceptable for your database to be down? We will help you develop an HA/DR strategy that meets your business needs.

Data Integration Services

Cloud data is great until you need to bring it all together, then it gets complex. Najaxa has extensive experience integrating data from many sources to form a full solution. Let's talk about your unique needs and how we can help.

Azure SQL

SQL Server Health Assessment

Is your SQL Environment at Risk?

Many think of Security when they think Risk, which is partially true.  With SQL Server, the risks are undetected configuration issues that can cause outages, and possibly security problems.

Najaxa has developed a robust, 200+ rule set of best practices to uncover these configuration issues.  Whether you are a small business that needs reassurance or a large corporation that needs a seconds set of eyes, the toolset we have developed will provide the value you need.

Why would we need a Database Health Assessment?

Designated Engineer

We deliver SQL/Data related services to customers looking for help in all aspects of database management. 

SQL Server Health Check

Is your Data Cloud Ready?

If you have spent time on this question, you know this isn’t an easy answer.  Najaxa Software will assist you with your Cloud Data journey.  We understand this is not a decision that can be taken lightly.  Data is one of the most important assets of any company.  We work closely with our customers to understand their current requirements and suggest the best plan for them.

Don’t take the Journey alone. 

Ready to Modernize your Database Platform?

Azure SQL
Managed Instance

Modernize your existing SQL Server On-Prem applications at scale and at your own pace, with an intelligent, fully managed service.

SQL Server on
Azure Virtual Machines

Migrate your SQL workloads to Azure with ease while maintaining complete SQL Server compatibility and operating system-level access.

Azure SQL

Support modern cloud applications on an intelligent, fully managed service that includes serverless compute and Hyperscale storage.

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