GP Self Help Utility

Empower your Users!

Custom Solutions

But wait, there is more!  You don’t have to be limited to the processes that we have created for you.  If you can dream it, we can automate it.  Ask us about our custom solutions that we have solved for our clients:

  • A/R Aging
  • Lock Box Automation
  • Delete old Users
  • Update Passwords
  • Non GP Processes

GP Self Help Utility

Built in Features

Restore to Test

Have you ever needed to restore a Production database to Test?  This can be a painful process for IT Teams and a painful wait for the End Users to accomplish their testing.  The flagship feature of our Self Help Utility is Restore to Test.  Empower your users to restore their own DB to test, without giving them elevated permissions or access to SQL Server. 

Copy Only Backup

Running  the Year end process but forgot to tell IT that you needed a backup prior?  Our Copy Only Backup feature allows end users to be able to take a copy only backup at any point in time, with a click of a button.  If they are burning the midnight oil, trying to get the year closed, users can be empowered to take a backup before the process to secure that point in time.  No need to submit a Support ticket.  

Process Status

Ever run a process in Dynamics GP and it seems to never return?  Is it running? Did SQL go to lunch and didn’t tell me?  Now you can get insight into what is going on without opening a support ticket.  Process Status gives you rich insights into what your process is doing and if you really need to open a support ticket to get help or if you just need to go grab a coffee.  

Stuck Batch Assistant

If you have used GP for any amount of time, you have dealt with a stuck batch.  This is normally a process that involves a call to IT and possibly to your Partner, which can be very time consuming.  Empower your users to fix the majority of their Stuck Batch issues on their own, with very little risk.  No need to run complex SQL Queries.  Our assistant does the heavy lifting for you.  

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