The Best Staffing Time Entry.

There is now a Time Entry System built for Staffing.  Priced for Staffing. 

Najaxa Software

Billing Success starts with Time Entry.

With Efficient and Accurate Time Capture and approval, a Staffing Business can function well and instill confidence in customers! This is how you get paid! Najaxa has been supporting Staffing Solutions for decades of combined experience, and we were tired of the existing Time Solutions. They aren’t taking into account the niche requirements of the Staffing Industry.  So we built a solution JUST for Staffing Companies. 

Time and Expense

Staffing Companies have to provide flexible time and expense capture for their customers. These include many key capabilities that customers require for their operations:

  • Flexible web and mobile time entry options
  • User Defined Fields flexible down to the Placement level
  • Multi-level approvals
  • Approval and Rejection process with an audit trail
  • Notifications for late time and approvals
  • Pay specific unapproved timesheets
  • CA/WA Break Rules
  • Attach supporting documents to timesheets


What are integrations you may ask?  The ability to bring together related data that lives in disparate systems.  Integrations are crucial. Because Najaxa is a Data Company at the core, this was front and center when we designed this product.  Najaxa Time will integrate with ANY ATS, ERP, Payroll, Home Grown application that you have.  What kinds of design criteria did we think about?

  • Flexible integrations capable of mapping to VMS or other time processing systems
  • Timesheet importing or reconciling of time between Najaxa Time and the VMS
  • Ability to connect to REST APIs, SFTP, accept email of files from end users or rolled up. If you can think of it, we can integrate it.


The number one item we hear from Staffing Customers when they are looking at Time Solutions (or any technology) is “The pricing doesn’t work for Staffing”.  Staffing is unique, we deal with large amounts of candidates that aren’t always “part of the game”.  Maybe they get paid 1 week a month, 1 week a year or every day.  Pricing needs to be able to adapt to this.  We listened:

  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Designed with Staffing in mind. 
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