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It's Time . . . and Expense, and VMS, and Overtime Pay/Bill Rules, and Invoicing

Staffing (Workforce) companies struggle to find methods to collect and process time from their workers and VMS partners. Time and Expense software is difficult to find that is suited for the staffing market. More advanced time and expense solutions in the market require that you use the attached ATS or Back Office functionality.  This can be limiting to your business and future growth.

TMLY is different.

Use any combination of ATS systems as sources for TMLY. The ATS places a person on assignment and sets the general rules around the start date, rates, invoicing cycles, etc.

What the ATS doesn’t provide you can configure in TMLY. TMLY is built for staffing to help you automate:

If your strategy is to consolidate all of your systems into a single platform or to allow your operating units to use the system that best fits their needs, TMLY can help.


Time and Expense

Workforce Solutions Providers have to provide flexible time and expense capture workflows for their customers. These include many key capabilities that customers require for their operations:

  • Flexible web and mobile time entry options
  • User Defined Fields flexible down to the Placement level
  • Multi-level approvals
  • Approval and Rejection process with an audit trail
  • Notifications for late time and approvals
  • Pay specific unapproved timesheets
  • CA/WA Break Rules
  • Attach supporting documents to timesheets

VMS Integration

MSPs are becoming more common and managing timesheets at scale can be a challenge. TMLY will help you process time from a variety of sources.

  • Flexible integration capable of mapping to VMS or other time processing systems
  • Timesheet importing or reconciling of time between TMLY and the VMS
  • When possible, with APIs extracting data to assist with the VMS invoice cash apply process

Overtime Processing

TMLY is configurable to support government mandated payroll rules or contractual pay and bill rules.

  • FLSA or Canadian Federal Labour Standards
  • State or Provincial specific OT/DT calculations
  • Custom contractual rules to allow different calculations for pay and bill on the same assignment


Customers often have specific requirements for invoice generation and flexibility is crucial. TMLY will provide your ERP system with data broken out as your customer requires:

  • Break out data to different invoices as the customer requires
  • Line item totals and descriptions to match customer requirements
  • Ability to include or link back to supporting timecard and expense receipts
  • Include supporting VMS Invoice data where applicable to assist with cash apply
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