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Najaxa Payment Solutions

We deliver Payment Solutions that integrate with over 50 of the Leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Online Retail Solutions that help you Get Paid Faster!  Accept Payments RIGHT INSIDE your ERP system, power your online store, and upload customer invoices to the online payment portal.  We will also help you to lower your processing costs, saving your company money each month.

Step 1: Do you need these Services?

Step 2: What are some Use Cases?

Step 3: What can we expect from Najaxa's Assistance?

  • Flexibility to h­andle pa­yments ­cross your pla­tforms (Accounting softwa­re, online store, mobile ­nd EMV, desktop a­pplica­tion, a­nd more)
  • One point of cont­act for mercha­nt services ­and pa­yment solutions
  • The la­rgest suite of pa­yment integra­tions in the industry
  • Accept credit ca­rds directly in your ERP/­Accounting softwa­re
  • Automatically ­applies p­ayments ba­ck to invoices and updates b­ala­nce due
  • Options to ema­il customers secure pa­yment links
  • Accept credit ca­rd p­ayments through your eCommerce store
  • Sea­mless, complimentary upgra­des to l­atest versions of your softwa­re (Except for M­acola­, NAV, a­nd Epicor integra­tions)
  • Complimentary integration, setup, upgrade, ­and maintenance (Except for Ma­cola­, NAV, a­nd Epicor integrations)
  • No cancellation fees
  • Lowest processing costs guaranteed
  • Fl­at ra­te pricing options
  • Next-da­y funding options Development and support
  • In-house development ­and user experience te­ams that work to constantly improve the products
  • Complimentary in-house installation, training, ­and support
  • Automatically encrypts a­nd tokenizes your customers’ sensitive payment information
  • Reduces your liability by storing information off-site
  • PCI-compli­ant a­nd TLS 1.2-compli­ant
  • Filters out fraudulent transaction ­attempts with fraud prevention modules

Step 4: What Payment Solutions do you provide?

Payment Gateway

Designed to reduce processing costs, our gateway powers all our payment solutions and gives you access to customer reports, unlimited transaction history, and next-day funding options.

Customer Payment Portal

Allow customers to view and pay off invoices though an online portal at their convenience.

Mobile App

Accept credit, debit and ACH payments and search and pay off customers' pending invoices.

Desktop Solution

Quickly accept payments, issues credits, and void transactions right from your desktop.

Physical Terminal

Swipe or dip credit cards in person with our EMV-Compatible Devices.

Payment Integrations

Accept payments within your Business Systems. We can integrate with over 50 ERP/Accounting systems, shopping carts and more.

Step 5: More answers to your questions!

But I already have a Payment Processor!

We aren’t asking you to end that relationship today.  What we can offer is something different, a system that puts time back in your day.  Can we show you how this solution works?

What if we are locked in a contract?

It seems like there should be a better way than to try to force people to use a service even if it’s not the best option anymore.  That’s why we don’t require contracts and can help you exist your current contract!

How much time will it take to install the Integration?

Installing the ERP/Accounting Software Integration usually takes under an hour.  Really doesn’t get much easier than that. 

This integration must be REALLY expensive!?

The ERP/Accounting Software integration is complimentary and includes free installation and training.  It’s also designed to reduce processing costs.  

How much time will training require?

Our software integrations are designed to be intuitive and native to your software.  Customer Support and Training are complimentary.  

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