Minimize Batch Posting Issues

Microsoft Dynamics GP Batch Posting

No matter how long you have been using Dynamics GP, you can be certain that you will encounter an issue while posting batches.  To help minimize your probability of encountering a posting interruption, it is recommend you always print and review the Batch Edit lists prior to posting.  The Batch Edit Lists can be printed from any module’s Batch Entry window by clicking the printer icon in the toolbar.

It is important to understand there are two possible errors:

  1. Batch level errors (boxed in red in image)
  2. Transaction level errors (boxed in blue in image)

Batches are a group of transactions that can be posted all at once.  Thus, when a batch error occurs, the issue is within the batch window and not with the transactions.  The batch errors will appear in the Header section of your Batch Edit List report.

Transaction errors, on the otherhand, ocurr with transactions that are within a batch. These errors are located in the body of the report with each transaction having its own Distribution and Work messages.

NOTE: Edit lists are ONLY available at the Batch level.

Some common reasons why a batch may be interrupted during posting are:

  • Fiscal period for the posting date is closed.
  • The vendor is inactive.
  • Distributions for this transaction contain errors.
  • The distributions do not equal the actual amount.
  • The debit distributions do not equal the credit distributions.
  • An account has not be set up for one or more distributions.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Batch Posting
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