Is it time to replace Dynamics GP?


Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) has been a popular product for decades with a robust network of partners and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) solutions. Given where Dynamics GP is in its lifecycle it would not make sense to implement it today, but is it time to replace GP? 

If Dynamics GP is working well for you today and you have the skills you need on your internal team, or through your Microsoft partner, you can continue to use Dynamics GP.  To ensure continued support and security of the newer Microsoft Lifecycle Support, maintaining the latest version is recommended. You should also consider moving Dynamics GP to a more secure hosting environment if you currently manage your own physical servers. 

However, if you are using Dynamics GP with US Payroll or Canadian Payroll the answer may be different. Companies using Dynamics GP for their normal, internal payroll have more options should Microsoft change the provided support for Dynamics GP Payroll. As an example, you could move to a service such as ADP, Paychex, or Paylocity likely without too much difficulty. 

If you are a staffing company processing a high volume of employees and new starts each week, you should start evaluating options now. Dynamics GP has a surprisingly high market share of staffing and recruiting companies. Even what would be considered Enterprise level staffing companies often have some form of Dynamics GP in their operations. 

Staffing companies using Dynamics GP Payroll should consider additional factors, such as:  

  • Higher volume GP Payroll customers often license several ISV solutions to process payroll. 
    • Look at exactly what solutions you are using and what the licensing/roadmaps are for those products. Some vendors are eliminating support for their products on Dynamics GP. Greenshades, for example, announced their plans to no longer offer their Garnishments solution for Dynamics GP Payroll. 
    •  In addition, it is likely you are also using third party products for ACA (Affordable Care Act), Payroll Tax Filing and possibly others for Local Payroll Taxes and WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit). 
  • Ensuring your GP partner has the necessary payroll experience. 
    • Payroll issues are inevitable.  Should you encounter issues with your weekly payroll process, having a GP partner that can support you is paramount. Even larger Microsoft partners often have very few (sometimes one or two) Dynamics GP Payroll specialists.  If you want to stay on GP, you can find one in the market or contact Najaxa for Dynamics GP support. 
  • Other Microsoft Payroll related announcements.   
    • Microsoft recently announced the discontinuation of some payroll modules for Dynamics GP (the core GP payroll module is still supported by Microsoft).  
    • After years of offering a payroll solution for Dynamics Financials (Dynamics AX, Dynamics Finance and Operations) Microsoft has also announced that it will no longer be providing payroll updates and that customers should consider third party alternatives if they are using Dynamics Financials Payroll. 

Additional considerations for companies using GP Payroll in a high volume/high turnover environment include:   

  • The ability to integrate with your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or other systems to reduce manual intervention and errors. 
  • Features that support the unique requirements of staffing companies with higher turnover and staff that can work in different locations over the course of the year or even in the same week. 
  • Flexibility to change as your business requirements change or to scale with your business so your business goals are not limited by your middle office or back office. 
  • The total cost per employee per month. 
  • Working with a partner that understands the unique requirements of the staffing industry. 

Are you a staffing company evaluating a new ERP and Payroll system? Work with the Najaxa team who has experience with a variety of systems, having been involved with projects including Dynamics Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Workday, and more. Najaxa can also help you evaluate Acumatica and how you could consolidate your existing systems using Acumatica as a platform.  

Not ready to move? We can also help you get the most out of your Dynamics GP system and evaluate, if and when, moving to a cloud ERP/Payroll makes sense. 

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