Improve Efficiency and Security While Reducing Costs With Acumatica for Staffing Payroll 


Improve Efficiency and Security While Reducing Costs With Acumatica for Staffing Payroll 

The Najaxa team provides remarkable customer support for Acumatica Payroll, which offers essential payroll processing features at a cost-effective price point.  At Najaxa, we specialize in the implementation and support of payroll systems used by staffing companies.  

To see payroll functionality that benefits staffing companies, keep reading. 

Cost effective PEPM 

The Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) costs of most payroll systems  are very high. The overall maintenance cost can be painful and easily reach $6 to $10+ PEPM.  On top of this expense, your payroll provider may lock up your cash before they need it.   

With Najaxa’s Acumatica for Staffing (AFS) payroll, we will help you control your PEPM costs and you have full control of your bank account. Click here to fill in a two-minute survey to get a pricing estimate.  

Remarkable Customer Support  

Payroll support is the #1 complaint customers have before moving to Najaxa.  Most partners don’t focus on staffing and fail to grasp the importance of timely and accurate payroll processing.  Also, a more expensive payroll does not equate to a better support experience.  

Ask our customers – Najaxa is a very customer and support focused organization that knows staffing payroll.  

Best In Class Usability  

While your current payroll system may excel at calculating payroll, it may not be the most user-friendly when it comes to accessing and searching for information. In certain systems, there is no option to export to Excel, despite its widespread use among customers. 

Acumatica consistently wins awards for its outstanding usability. This is due to features like Acumatica’s advanced search (see image below) and hyperlinks that provide a seamless and efficient user experience. Want your data in Excel? Simply click the Excel button to export to your data for further review (if you have security permissions to export to Excel). 

Gross Margin Calculation Capabilities 

Many payroll systems make it difficult to access your employer payroll costs for reporting.  This can pose a challenge, particularly when using different systems for payroll and billing/accounts receivable. As a result, calculating your actual margins at a more detailed level may prove to be challenging or impossible. 


AFS allows you to easily report on gross margin by Placement, Branch, Customer, etc. including all your employer costs for taxes and benefits without additional, costly reporting tools. 

Avoid Payroll Day Delays With Address Validations Before Your Payroll Day  

At what point in your payroll process do you find out an employee address is wrong?  Wednesday afternoon when you are running payroll?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance as soon as the person was placed on an assignment?  

With AFS, it is possible to know in advance if their work and home addresses are correct prior to running payroll.  You can proactively handle issues days before payroll crunch time. 

Supports Multiple Work Locations 

Some types of staffing have employees that frequently move between different worksites.  However, many payroll systems lack the capability to accommodate the same person working at multiple addresses.  While this can be manageable in certain businesses, such as travel nursing, where one assignment may end before another begins, it can prove to be a challenge in the case with Per Diem nursing, for example. In this arrangement, the same person could easily work at more than one location in the same week. 

With AFS, you can assign an unlimited number of work locations to each employee. When timesheets are entered, the work location can be specified allowing for accurate calculation of employee payroll and reporting.   

Built In Local Tax Processing 

Do you have to go to state websites to look up the right local taxes?  What if the employee lives in one state and works in another?  What if there is more than one local tax and your payroll system only supports one local tax per transaction, like Dynamics GP?  

Acumatica will automatically find the correct local taxes by using a process called geocoding. Using the Employee Address and the Worksite Location, Acumatica will return all the relevant state and local payroll taxes.   

Efficient and Secure Gross Pay Reconciliations 

If you have made it this far you have probably seen your share of payroll issues.  Reconciliations aren’t fun – but AFS can help automate the process for you.  

You are about to process 3,000 employees and there are two gross pay discrepancies.  How would you identify the discrepancies with your current process?  

What we often find is that customers have to manually export from two systems, get the data into Excel and create several tables and formulas to try to tie out the gross pay in both systems.  And if you are really unlucky you get to use Text-To-Columns feature in Excel.  

Najaxa has processes to automate Gross Pay integration between your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Acumatica US Payroll (coming soon Canadian Payroll).  The reconciliation can be done without Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about your employees being stored in Excel while still providing a hyperlink back to the source ATS system (if supported) or Acumatica.  

The lack of an API often is positioned as being more secure and actually a benefit.  However, the reconciliations are often done on a work or home computer where employee Personally Identifiable Information such as their name or their (hopefully not) Social Security Number.  On top of that maybe the same browser used to download the files with PII is used to watch Tik Tok videos. 

Secure Corporate Payroll and Expense Management 

If you run your internal corporate staff payroll on the same system, it can often be difficult to securely separate your internal payroll data. Also, you may license a separate expense processing system such as Concur or Expensify which requires a separate login for your staff Pay Stub as well as their expense reports.  

Acumatica can securely segment your corporate payroll to prevent unauthorized access.  In addition, Acumatica has built-in Advanced Expense Management (like Concur or Expensify).  This will empower your employees with a single, secure login to scan and integrate expense receipts from their phone and view their pay stub.  You can also enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA) for additional security. 

Built In ACA and Garnishment Support 

What about garnishments and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the 1094-A and 1094-B forms?  Do you have to license a third party with another integration point?  

 Acumatica has garnishments and ACA built into the core product.  No external software required.  

 Flexible Hosting Options 

Acumatica provides a secure connection to the Acumatica Cloud and if you really want you could install Acumatica on your own infrastructure.  There are monitoring tools provided in the system.  

MFA, SSO, and Secure Data Storage 

For secure logins Acumatica Multifactor Authentication (MFA) can be enabled to add an additional level of security. 

Multi-Factor Authentication

Employee and Timesheet API Integrations  

Your payroll system may require you manually upload text files or use SFTP connections. Asynchronous communication means you may send over an employee then send a payroll transaction for that employee having no idea if the employee was successfully created in payroll. 

Najaxa leverages Acumatica’s secure REST API to integrate your payroll data without manual intervention. 

Efficient Processing and Error Handing Capabilities  

Does your payroll fail an entire 2000 employee payroll batch after an hour of processing because one GL Account is wrong?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know in advance?  Or maybe have an account structure that is more modern than the old method where every segment combination has to be set up in advance.  Opening one new office may require 20 new GL accounts just for revenue 

 If Acumatica encounters an error on an employee while processing a 2000 employee payroll run it will only fail the one transaction, allowing the remaining 1999 to process.  Queue Purple Rain.  

Closing thoughts  

At Najaxa, we can help you automate the extraction of your data for a parallel testing period, giving you the confidence to make a move to Acumatica Payroll. In fact, we already have pre-built integrations for certain systems that can seamlessly transfer your data into Acumatica. 

Managing high-volume payroll processing across various jurisdictions with different labor and tax rules can be daunting. Our team at Najaxa will collaborate with you to establish a streamlined process that identifies potential issues early on and offers greater visibility into your entire payroll process, including your actual gross margins. 

To start improving the systems that your team works with, we invite you to fill out our quick, five-question survey to get a pricing estimate and to set up a discovery call. Additionally, if you’re interested in migrating your corporate payroll to our solution, let’s arrange a discovery session with you today. 

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