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Optimize Staffing Systems for Maximum Efficiency

At Najaxa, we understand the challenges faced by staffing companies when it comes to Middle and Back Office operations. Our mission is to optimize your existing systems and processes to drive efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. 

We Speak Your Language

MSP, VMS, Reverse Billing, Pay-when-Paid, Unbilled Aging, Garnishments, Per Diems, Burdens. Whether it is providing a critical report for your weekly payroll cycle or helping build a commissions system based on estimated gross margins we have worked with hundreds of companies in your industry solving similar problems. 

Partnering for Success


When you choose Najaxa you’re selecting a partner who understands the Staffing Industry. Our team is dedicated to improving your staffing Middle and Back Office systems, providing specialized expertise in system optimization. Whether you require assistance with complex multinational implementations or are just outgrowing QuickBooks, we have the knowledge and experience to support you at every step.

How We Help our Clients

Often our clients already have systems in place that can be optimized. We believe in a collaborative process that focuses on understanding your unique requirements and tailoring solutions to fit your desired workflows. Here’s how we can assist you: 

Listen/Learn: We take the time to actively listen and learn about your pain points and objectives. By gaining a deep understanding of your business, we can identify areas for improvement and help implement industry best practice.

Plan: Our experienced consultants work closely with you to develop a plan that aligns with your specific needs. We take into account your current systems, processes, and objectives, ensuring a targeted approach. 

“That proactiveness speaks volumes about their commitment to clients." Charles Brunner, CFO

Prioritize: We work with you to identify the most critical areas that require optimization. Are there some quick wins to be achieved with your current systems or deciding how to roll out new systems.

Integrate or ConsolidateIntegration is essential for a smooth workflow. We help systems seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack, eliminating silos and improving data flow. Where possible we can also help consolidate systems to reduce integrations. 

Optimize: Our team excels at fine-tuning your existing platforms, workflows, and processes. Through careful analysis and strategic adjustments, we enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline operations. 

Reevaluate: As your business evolves, we adapt our strategies to ensure sustained success. We continuously evaluate and refine our solutions to keep pace with your changing needs and industry dynamics. 

A Staffing Technology Team that will guide you to success

Staffing Technology Guidance

Assisting with system selection and optimization

Mergers and Aquisitions

Helping you onboard newly acquired businesses into your technology stack


Integrating your ATS, ERP, Payroll, and other systems


Rolling different ERP or Payroll systems together into a single platform or consolidating data from multiple systems.

Cloud and Data Assessment

Helping you optimize your online data and services or move your systems to the cloud


Making migrations painless through detailed discovery and management of the complete process.

Why Najaxa

Najaxa Software’s Founder and CEO Jamie Evenson believes in a strong work ethic where exceeding expectations is the bare minimum. We focus on your business problems from day one and will never stop providing top service and delivering the best products.

We have a growing team of amazing individuals across the United States. Najaxa Software has a motto to keep our teams lean and focused to provide the value our customers expect.  We have small town feel with big company delivery abilities and will out perform all partners you have ever worked with. Talk to our current customers, they will tell you.

Give us a call today so we can tell you more about our story!!

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