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Empower Your Dynamics GP Users!

There are daily situations our customers come across that drive them crazy with Dynamics GP.  Slow time to get a “Live Copy” Of Data into a Test Company.  Ability to take an Adhoc Backup, before an important task is going to be run.  How about seeing who is logged into the system without being logged into Dynamics GP!?

These three items prompted us to create the Dynamics GP Self Help Utility, which allows you to give end users access to perform these tasks on their own!

Dynamics GP Self Help Features

Dynamics GP Self Help

Empower your Users!
$ $699
One Time Fee
  • Restore to Test
  • Backup Database
  • Show Active Users
  • Stuck Batch Viewer
Save Time!

This tool will pay for itself within the first month, the time savings and efficiencies gained for your team members will make them all smile. 

Restore to Test

The Restore of a Dynamics GP live Company to a Test company is not a super complex task, but it is beyond the means of the average user.  This requires access to the backend SQL Environment and skills on how to take backups, restore backups and run some scripts to achieve this.  This is why the task always lands on the IT Department.  

Have you ever had to ask the IT team to Restore a Backup of Production to Test?  How long did that take?  Would you like the option to do this on your own terms?  While taking the task off your IT Teams plate and protecting permissions, our Self Help Utility gives you a Restore to Test feature with the push of a button.  

GP Self Help Restore to Test

Backup Database (CopyOnly)

GP Backup Database

It’s time to do something in your Dynamics GP Environment, but you want to take a Backup Just in Case:

  • Year End Close
  • Making a major change
  • Implementing New Processes

The Dynamics GP Self Help Utility provides a simple implementation to take a SQL Backup, without affecting existing backups or bothering the IT Team.  

Show Active GP Users

Who is logged in?!  Almost every customer we have faces issues with not having enough User Licenses.  How do you know who is logged into GP, if you can’t get logged into GP??? Are you trying to run an important process but you need users out?  Maybe you are trying to log into GP but you cannot get logged in -> No License Available. 

With Najaxa Self Help Show Active Users, you can quickly see, without a GP License, who is logged in to Dynamics GP and email them to politely tell them to “GET OUT!” 

With users license costs at a Premium, this tool saves you the need of purchasing more licenses and helps you to manage your process more efficientently.  

Dynamics GP Show Active Users

But it doesn't have a feature I want!

Every Dynamics GP environment is unique.  This is why we have developed the self help utility to be able to add additional features for your specific situations.  

Tell us your idea and we will come up with a path to implementing this in the Self Help Utility, to save your team TIME!

Contact Najaxa today to get started!

GP Self Help Utility

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