Dynamics GP Void AP with Unapplied Amount


Dynamics GP does not allow a user to void a document where the unapplied amount is greater than $0.  Thus, a workaround is needed to allow the transaction to be voided.  Ultimately, the steps involved are: 

  1. Fully apply the transaction. 
  2. Void the historical transaction(s) (fully applied AP document(s) automatically move to history). 

Let’s use an example to walk through this process.  In the below image, you can see we have a document number 20059 that has been partially applied to invoice 909324113 (remaining balance of $500). 

Payables Transaction Inquiry 1

We want to void this payment but, if you were to try to void it, you will receive the below error message: 

Payables Transaction Inquiry Error

Therefore, we need to follow the steps above to be able to void this payment and make the invoices available again. 

Payables Transaction Entry
  • In the Document Type dropdown, select either Invoice or Misc Charge
  • Enter the Vendor and Doc. Date (the data does not matter as much as this document will be voided later…just make sure the period is open).
  • Enter the unapplied amount of the payment under Purchases (in our example $500). 
  • The GL distributions do not matter here either, as again, this will be voided.  However, make sure the distributions are all there and valid. 
  • Post the transaction (you may need to save it to a batch to post if Transaction Level Posting is not enabled). 
Payables Transaction Entry 2

It is at this time that you can apply the remaining payment amount to this invoice: 

  • Again, under Purchasing –> Transactions, select Apply Payables Documents
  • Enter or select the Vendor ID. 
  • Click on the Document No. looking glass icon and locate your payment (for this example, 20059). 
  • Apply the payment to the invoice we just created. 
  • Click OK to close the Apply window.  

Now that we have fully applied the payment, we can void the payment that is now in History.  To void it, follow these steps: 

  • Under Purchasing –> Transactions, select Void Historical Transactions
  • Enter or select the Vendor ID. 
  • Select the correct transaction by checking the Void box. 
Void Historical Payables Transactions
  • Click the Void button in the Menu ribbon. 
  • Print whatever documents are needed and close the Void Historical Payables Transaction window.  

If you were to do an inquiry at this time, you would see both Invoices are now fully unapplied and the payment has been voided and is in history.  

Payables Transaction Inquiry

IMPORTANT: If you created a dummy invoice, you will want to void this invoice so it is not inadvertently paid. Otherwise, if you applied to an existing invoice, you will notice that invoice is back to available and you can proceed as normal. 

To void the invoice, you will want to follow the below steps:

  • Under Purchasing –> Transactions, select Void Open Transactions
  • Enter or select the Vendor ID. 
  • Select the correct transaction by checking the Void box.
  • Click the Void button in the Menu ribbon. 
  • Post whatever documents are needed and close the Void Open Payables Transaction window. 
Reach out if you have any questions or struggles with this topic!
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