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Purchase Order Revision History

The Supply Chain Mess has everyone scrambling!

Add Value and Insight to your PO Process!

PO Revision History

Enable tracking of all Purchase Order History

PO revision history is a feature that has been missing from dynamics GP from the beginning. If you have ever created a Revision, and wished you would have taken note of things before you saved, this is the feature you have been missing!

Compare revisions of a Purchase Order

With the details that we are collecting, when you enable this feature, we allow you to compare revisions and get the the depth view that you have been lacking.

Track reason codes for Purchase Order Changes

Have you ever wondered who or why a PO was changed? Do you rely on notes to track this but not everyone “follows the process”? With Reason Codes, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. Custom Reason codes can be created and made a mandatory part of the revision process so nothing changes without a documented reason.

Report on all changes in Purchase Orders over time

Are you an executive and wondering why your purchasing department is having issues?  Take a look into the reporting options that we are offering to realize areas that you could improve to streamline your PO Process.  Data in the tables are open to your Business Analyst to write any reports they would like to create your own KPIs! 

Improve PO Process Efficiencies

Multiple revisions in the PO Process can slow down your supply chain. Make sure that you understand why this is happening by implementing PO Revision History.

Where is the ROI?

If any of these sound familiar, you need PO Revision History!!

PO Revision History Pricing


3-10 GP Users
$ 3,200
+20% AEP
  • Technical Support
  • Introductory Training
  • Initial Implementation


11-50 GP Users
$ 6,600
+20% AEP
  • Technical Support
  • Introductory Training
  • Initial Implementation


51+ GP Users
$ 10,500
+20% AEP
  • Technical Support
  • Introductory Training
  • Initial Implemtation

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What does the Product Track?

PO Revision History tracks ALL information in the Header (POP10100) and Detail (POP10110) windows in Dynamics GP.  

How often does PO Revision History Track Changes?

The best way to think about when changes are tracked in the PO Process, is when the PO Revision Number changes.  When a new revision is created, through the printing process, the product will store a record in the database to keep track of ALL Header and Detail information for the PO.  In Standard Dynamics GP, as soon as you create a new Revision ALL history would be lost. 

What Versions of GP do you support?

We currently support all versions back to Dynamics GP 2016. We can go back further than this but we have yet to have customers on a version older than GP 2016 and HIGHLY recommend our customers that are running on GP Versions this old to consider moving to the modern lifecyle. 

Can I customize the Reason Codes?

Absolutely, this is a core feature of the product.  We give your system admin the permission to make all and any of the changes to the reason codes.  We do give general “guidance” up front on the types of reason codes we suggest but feel free to make up and use what you like that makes sense for your business. 

How do I get support?

As part of our Partner Program, Najaxa Software provides support to our Partners.  In the event you do not have a partner, we will work directly with you to address the support issues.  Details will be given to you upon signing your agreement on how to contact our support team. 

Will all of the changes bloat my database?

Najaxa has taken care to minimize the amount of data that we are storing while still giving our customers all the value they require.  Since we are only adding records if a PO is “Printed”, there is not a large impact to the database.  We also have a “routine” that we have created to archive any data past a certain date if required.  

How does this differ from Rockton Auditor?

Rockton Auditor is a fantastic product, and absolutely has it’s place in the data world.  What we wanted to solve with PO Revision History is a much less chatty, much more valuable feature for the PO Process.  By doing this, we are able to supply rich information to the end users to solve questions much faster than using the built in PO Process, which does not track changes at all. 

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