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SQL Server Missing Indexes Script

This is a simple Missing Index Script with no Advertisements to bog you down. A few words of guidance: Don’t blindly add indexes.  For example, DO NOT add all the indexes this script returns.  Be methodical in determining what indexes would have impact and test them one at a time.  Keep track of what indexes you add so if they cause negative impact down range, you can easily drop them.  Use Automatic Index Management in

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SQL Contained Availability Groups

SQL Server Contained Availability Groups are a new, shiny feature that has great use cases and potential. With that said, you may want to hold off on using them if you haven’t taken the time to understand the impact and limitations.  By next version of SQL Server, I see this getting closer to being the standard of how we deploy Availability Groups.  For now, pay attention to when you use this because it could impact

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Staffing Gross Profit Reporting

At a recent customer onsite, a customer asked if we would be able to create a report that more accurately reflected their Gross Profit.  Some of the challenges they were facing were related to the applications they were using.  Either the lack of integration between the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or functionality. In this case payroll was not saving the costs in detail. The customer had been told time and

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Best Practices for SQL Server on Azure VMs

As part of your Azure SQL VM Migration project, if you do NOTHING ELSE, read this:  Checklist: Best practices & guidelines – SQL Server on Azure VMs | Microsoft Learn Do you want to make certain you have a successful Azure SQL VM Migration?  Then, keep reading. 🙂  If you would have asked us 5 years ago if we would still be dealing with the “nobody seems to be able to setup an Azure SQL

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Dynamics GP Void AP with Unapplied Amount

Dynamics GP does not allow a user to void a document where the unapplied amount is greater than $0.  Thus, a workaround is needed to allow the transaction to be voided.  Ultimately, the steps involved are:  Fully apply the transaction.  Void the historical transaction(s) (fully applied AP document(s) automatically move to history).  Let’s use an example to walk through this process.  In the below image, you can see we have a document number 20059 that

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Connect to Acumatica REST API with Power Automate

Power Automate – Connecting to the Acumatica REST API Are you an avid Power Automate User looking to connect to Acumatica but ran into roadblocks creating a Power Automate Custom Connector? Or starting anew and looking for some guidance?  You are not alone! The answer to this topic has been somewhat elusive. So, we felt it would be good to share this to anyone looking to get up and running quickly.  Acumatica hasn’t recently published

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Minimize Batch Posting Issues

No matter how long you have been using Dynamics GP, you can be certain that you will encounter an issue while posting batches.  To help minimize your probability of encountering a posting interruption, it is recommend you always print and review the Batch Edit lists prior to posting.  The Batch Edit Lists can be printed from any module’s Batch Entry window by clicking the printer icon in the toolbar. It is important to understand there

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SQL Server 2012 End of Support

Another SQL Product End of Support?? We have reached the end of another SQL Server product life cycle from a support standpoint.  I remember when SQL Server 2012 came out.  It was a very exciting release since we had waited over four years for this release to arrive.  Not only that, but we were also getting some really helpful features that made this a version people were taking a good look at. Because of this,

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Najaxa Software LLC Announces Partnership with Acumatica

Najaxa Software LLC is pleased to announce a reseller partnership with Acumatica, the world’s fastest growing ERP solution.  Customer demands are quickly changing and with a growing remote workforce, moving to an ERP Solution that understands digital transformation is paramount. Acumatica is a future-proof, cloud-based solution that offers anytime, anywhere access to your data.  With businesses running multiple applications in separate cloud environments, easily synchronizing data is a requirement.  Whether using Acumatica’s open and reliable

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