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The Process

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Najaxa will help create a solution to take your from frustrated to satisfied with your Staffing Business Solutions.  Our Proven, Personalized process has taken companies from a situation they dislike to an automated, fool proof method of running their business.  

Your Business doesn’t need to be in pain anymore.  Software CAN work for you and help take you to the next level you have always wanted.  Najaxa will help your team achieve this!


Step 1 - Who is this for?

Who is this for?

STAFFING businesses that are ready to level up

This is your chance to level up your business. We call it raising your businesses “Baseline Discipline”. Once your business levels up to working with Najaxa, you’ll see how every other area rises along with it.

STAFFING businesses that want to excel in all areas

Mastering all areas of business begins with mastering the small things first. A companies’ ERP system is critical in your whole business success.  If we aren’t completely integrating all points of the business the process will not work.

STAFFING businesses that want to become more

Working with Najaxa is much more than just a new ERP System. This is about your business BECOMING the best. Become great again. Become the company that goes after their full potential because they know they are capable of more.


Step 2 - How to prepare for the call...

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Knowing where to start is the hardest part. The Team at Najaxa has the experience to guide you through the full process. Here are some things to think about as your prepare to talk with us

Do you have an ATS system or possibly multiple?  Think through how this works for you today and what an ideal scenario would look like. 

How are you processing payroll today?  Are you using a 3rd party that your aren’t satisfied with, paying too much, or possibly using payroll in your current ERP system.  

If your business has a project based business and you need milestone billing and other more advanced functionality, consider what improvements you want here.

All of the items above can be handled with Acumatica, from tight integrations to running Payroll inside Acumatica and eliminating all of the chaos.  

Bring all your questions and ideas to us!!


Step 3 - Setup a Session with our Team!


Step 4 - Take a deep breath!

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