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Why Acumatica Cloud ERP

Our team of staffing industry experts extensively evaluated ERP solutions.  We have worked on implementation projects with Dynamics Business Central (Dynamics NAV/Navision), Dynamics 365 Finance (Dynamics AX/Axapta), Sage, Workday, Peoplesoft, QuickBooks, Oracle Netsuite and Acumatica was the best fit for the staffing industry.

Acumatica is the fastest growing ERP solution year after year for a reason with a track record of winning awards for usability and functionality. 

Acumatica US Payroll has key features that meet the needs of the staffing industry.  From garnishments to local payroll taxes, quarterly tax filings, and employees working in different locations.

The pricing model for Acumatica isn’t user driven.  You can provide access to anyone in your company that needs it.  The Acumatica Payroll licensing is per employee per month and is very cost effective.

Acumatica has a built in integration system allowing you to import data anywhere into Acumatica including custom fields you add to the system to meet your needs. 

Securely access Acumatica from your computer or mobile device eliminating the need for running a full Windows client application. 

Built in dashboards, custom data lists, visualizations, pivot tables, and financial reporting right in the system without having to export to Excel.

The Najaxa team has been able to collaborate with Acumatica including the Acumatica Payroll development team to help improve it for our customers.  Acumatica also consistently wins customer satisfaction awards. 

Acumatica was designed as a cloud application from the start. Acumatica is built on an open, flexible platform that can scale as your company grows. Start your journey to future-proof your systems today.

Acumatica's Customer Bill of Rights

When Najaxa chose Acumatica as the platform to build on, we didn’t take this decision lightly. We asked ourselves “Why Acumatica?”.  The Customer Bill of rights stood out front and center to us.  Najaxa was built on Customer Service, and giving customers a clear and concise set of expectations, UP FRONT from the ERP Vendor, is something we were not used to.  This is a next level of support and confidence from an ERP Vendor that we knew our customers would love.  Read through this list below and think about how much different this is from what you are accustomed to, today:

Customers should expect clear fee structures with no hidden or surprise fees after implementation. Too often, ERP proposals avoid or hide expected occurrences, or they include complex provisions that create added and unexpected charges. Speaking on behalf of the entire Acumatica ecosystem, we are strongly committed to clear fee structures and making sure customers don’t feel deceived.

Implementing an ERP system is about making sure all employees have access to all the data and insights in the business—so they are empowered to do their best work. Our unique pricing structure is consumption-based, meaning that you are charged for the computing resources you use, not the number of users permitted into the system. Customers have a right to unlimited users.

  • Customers should have the flexibility to adapt or configure the solution to fit their business needs. This must include the ability to alter workflows, business logic, reporting, and integrations while allowing them to stay on the most recent version of the product. Many systems are restrictive and don’t allow opportunities to fully alter existing capabilities, so customers have to change their businesses to fit what the product does.

Customers have a right to know their pricing now and in the future. Their contracts or agreements should be easy to understand. They should never have to trade long-term commitments for fair and transparent pricing. When their initial commitment expires, customers shouldn’t have to worry about dramatic and unexpected price increases.

Customers have the right to choose where to deploy their systems now and in the future. Acumatica is the only ERP vendor that not only offers flexible options between public and private cloud but also allows you to switch as business needs evolve. Customers should not be locked into one deployment decision forever.

Acumatica provides complete and dynamic APIs across the entire application, including your customizations. Acumatica remains committed to providing our customers with a fully integrated, innovative, and constantly improving solution on an open, flexible, and powerful platform that allows you to integrate with other systems.

Security is a foundational right for all customers. Most systems only cover application security. Acumatica has a complete security model for all aspects of the applications, data, reports, and devices.

Acumatica strongly believes that you own your data, and you should be able to retrieve it in a relational format you can easily use and access. While many vendors provide customers access to their data, they do not provide it in a usable format.

Customers should have easy access to the knowledge, practices, and innovations produced by a broad and active community of customers, partners, and developers. They also have the right to freely participate in that community, have their voices heard, and influence change. The Acumatica Community shapes our product roadmap. We encourage customers to vote on new product features and to participate in the processes and programs available to help shape the solution.

Self-directed training should always be available without cost. Customers should have access to comprehensive training. Open University is a free, dynamic learning environment for anyone who wants to learn about Acumatica’s cloud ERP software. It’s user-friendly with easily accessible documentation.

Why Najaxa Software?

At Najaxa Software, we understand what it takes to make our customers successful and as our existing customers will tell you, we deliver.  Our customers have an advantage over their competition because of their relationship with Najaxa. 

Acumatica is a product that we believe in, that we use internally to run our business, and we believe is best prepared to weather any challenge your business may face.  In our opinion, this cannot be said about any other ERP on the market today.

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